Marseille Airport Flights to and from Algeria

Algiers Flights To ALG  |  Flights From ALG
81 weekly flights
Oran Es Senia Flights To ORN  |  Flights From ORN
26 weekly flights
Constantine Flights To CZL  |  Flights From CZL
22 weekly flights
Annaba Flights To AAE  |  Flights From AAE
16 weekly flights
Bejaia Flights To BJA  |  Flights From BJA
8 weekly flights
Tlemcen Flights To TLM  |  Flights From TLM
7 weekly flights
Jijel Flights To GJL  |  Flights From GJL
4 weekly flights
Setif Flights To QSF  |  Flights From QSF
4 weekly flights
Hassi Messaoud Flights To HME 3 weekly flights
Batna Flights To BLJ  |  Flights From BLJ
2 weekly flights

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Useful Information about Marseille Airport

Passenger Traffic Shows Steady Growth at Marseille Airport with an 11% Increase in August 2023

Marseille Airport experiencing an astounding 10.55% increase in passenger traffic in August 2023 compared to the same month in 2019.

June 2023 Passenger Numbers – Up 6% at Marseille Airport

Marseille Airport has experienced a noteworthy surge in passenger numbers, signifying a remarkable recovery from the impact of the pandemic. According to available records, the airport witnessed an impressive 6.42% increase in passenger traffic in June 2023 compared to the pre-pandemic year of 2019...

Lounges at Marseille Airport

See all the airport lounges, locations and opening times available at Marseille Airport

Eating and Drinking at Marseille Airport

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