Marseille Airport Flights to and from France

Paris Charles De Gaulle Flights To CDG  |  Flights From CDG
140 weekly flights
Ajaccio Flights To AJA  |  Flights From AJA
84 weekly flights
Bastia Flights To BIA  |  Flights From BIA
74 weekly flights
Paris Orly Flights To ORY  |  Flights From ORY
71 weekly flights
Bordeaux Mérignac Flights To BOD  |  Flights From BOD
58 weekly flights
Nantes Flights To NTE  |  Flights From NTE
56 weekly flights
Figari Flights To FSC  |  Flights From FSC
36 weekly flights
Toulouse Blagnac Flights To TLS  |  Flights From TLS
34 weekly flights
Lyon St Exupery Flights To LYS  |  Flights From LYS
25 weekly flights
Lille Flights To LIL  |  Flights From LIL
18 weekly flights
Nice Flights To NCE  |  Flights From NCE
17 weekly flights
Calvi Flights To CLY  |  Flights From CLY
16 weekly flights
Rennes St Jacques Flights To RNS  |  Flights From RNS
16 weekly flights
Brest Lesquin Flights To BES  |  Flights From BES
14 weekly flights
Metz Nancy Flights To ETZ  |  Flights From ETZ
10 weekly flights
Tours Flights To TUF  |  Flights From TUF
10 weekly flights
La Rochelle Flights To LRH  |  Flights From LRH
8 weekly flights
Strasbourg Flights To SXB  |  Flights From SXB
8 weekly flights
Biarritz Flights To BIQ  |  Flights From BIQ
4 weekly flights
Caen Flights To CFR  |  Flights From CFR
4 weekly flights
Deauville Flights To DOL  |  Flights From DOL
4 weekly flights
Limoges Flights To LIG  |  Flights From LIG
4 weekly flights
Grenoble Flights To GNB  |  Flights From GNB
2 weekly flights
Cannes Mandelieu Flights To CEQ 1 weekly flights

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Useful Information about Marseille Airport

Passenger Traffic Shows Steady Growth at Marseille Airport with an 11% Increase in August 2023

Marseille Airport experiencing an astounding 10.55% increase in passenger traffic in August 2023 compared to the same month in 2019.

June 2023 Passenger Numbers – Up 6% at Marseille Airport

Marseille Airport has experienced a noteworthy surge in passenger numbers, signifying a remarkable recovery from the impact of the pandemic. According to available records, the airport witnessed an impressive 6.42% increase in passenger traffic in June 2023 compared to the pre-pandemic year of 2019...

Lounges at Marseille Airport

See all the airport lounges, locations and opening times available at Marseille Airport

Eating and Drinking at Marseille Airport

See all bars and restaurants at Marseille Airport, including locations and if they are before or after check-in